Godi Media is a disparaging term authored and advocated by NDTV Famous Journalist and Writer Ravish Kumar that alludes to sentimentalist Indian print and TV news media which uphold the Narendra Modi National Democratic Alliance. The term acquired wide notoriety at the hour of the Citizenship Amendment Act fights, and the 2020–2021 Indian ranchers’ dissent Naysayers of Godi-media affirm that as opposed to rehearsing fair news-casting, it deals with persuaded counterfeit news and provocative stories, frequently false, that underpins the plan of the Bharatiya Janata Party drove Central and State Governments, and corporate houses possessing the media.


Albeit the term Godi-Media appears to have arisen naturally among the Indian public as an investigate of the media climate inside India, particularly the media’s relinquishment of its job as a channel for guaranteeing responsibility, the term imparts numerous attributes to the Lapdog Theory of Journalism.[1] According to the Lapdog Theory of Journalism, Lapdog-Media, or what is known as Godi-Media inside India, is “a conductor for the plan of the general public’s elites,” which underpins, sustains, and misuses social disparities for benefit. Lapdog Media is portrayed by the news media’s “absolute accommodation to power”, its absence of free force, and its dependence “upon government, corporate and first class hotspots for both data and monetary help.” According to this hypothesis, the Lapdog-Media’s part in clash is the of the amazing against the interloper.’ Additionally, Lapdog-Media writers “show neither comprehension nor premium in the conclusions, mentalities and data prerequisites of some other gathering other than those of society’s tip top foundation” and therefore, “they seem to go about as their prepared pooch.”

Journalistic spin is the predisposition of writers and news makers inside the broad communications in the choice of numerous occasions and stories that are accounted for and how they are covered. The expression “journalistic prejudice” infers an unavoidable or boundless predisposition repudiating the norms of news coverage, instead of the viewpoint of an individual writer or article. The course and level of journalistic spin in different nations is generally contested.

Commonsense limits to media lack of bias incorporate the failure of writers to report every accessible story and realities, and the necessity that chose realities to be connected into an intelligent account. Government impact, including unmistakable and clandestine restriction, predispositions the media in certain nations, for instance, China, North Korea, and Myanmar. Market influences that bring about a one-sided introduction incorporate the responsibility for a news source, a grouping of media possession, the emotional determination of staff, or the inclinations of a target group.


1. SUDHIR CHAUDHARY – Right-Wing Anchor & Editor-in-chief of Zee News, Usually people know him by the name ” Sudhir Tihadi” because in 2007 he visited the Tihar jail for spreading fake news & blackmailing a businessman.

2. ARNAB GOSWAMI – Arnab is Propaganda Creator on religion & managing director and editor-in-chief of Republic TV, he always shit from his mouth.

3. DEEPAK CHAURASIA – Deepak is Hindu- Muslim Propaganda Creator & Hindi-language news anchor for News Nation, He has no sense of talk & people call him “Kala Kauwa” on social media.

4. ANJANA OM KASHYAP Executive Editor at India Today & Aaj Tak, Right-Wing Ideology but always pretend like Centrists & run Nonsense Debates on TV.

5. Rubika Liyaquat – Anchor at ABP News but runs nonsense propaganda on live TV & She is an anchor because of her looks & Glamour.




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