The Unemployed Labor Force & Increasing LinkedIn Job Search

The pandemic has added more to the already existing “unemployment”, that is, increased
unemployment. It’s no more about finding a job, we are hunting for jobs, no matter how
skilled or educated we are. If we think and look around, is it the increasing population that will eventually increase the competition or the pandemic that snatched peoples livelihoods, and is responsible (not completely) for the poor economic function of our country? A study conducted by Weebox says that graduating students will be less employable in 2021 as compared to 2020. Graduates make up one-third of India’s unemployed population. Many unemployed graduates blame the ignorance of their skills while they were offered jobs, that is, the jobs they were offered did not match the skills they have. The statics are proof how worse the unemployment condition is, according to the data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, the unemployment rates increased from eight percent in March 2020 to 24 per cent in April 2021.

LinkedIn Job Search & unemployment in India | Latest Job for Graduates
 LinkedIn Job Search

The story of a bunch of young men in Uttar Pradesh who spend their time playing cricket due to unemployment is astonishing, not in a good way. Almost twenty young men from Moradabad district of western Uttar Pradesh, some are graduated and some have a post-graduation degree, but no employment. Some of them are in their twenties and some are in their mid-thirties. They finish their daily chores at home, then gather to play cricket, the reason being, unemployment. Instead of staying indoors and cribbing about their condition, they dedicate some time to playing their favorite sport. Some of them lost their jobs in private companies after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization in November 2016. Many were forced to return to their villages from cities, as the economy slow down made many people unemployed and produced fewer opportunities. “I did my MSc but never found a job after that. Now, I just help my father on the field and pass time through the day,” says Arvind Chauhan. Other than that,

it was also found that twenty percent of people who lost their jobs during lockdown were
unemployed in December. Is it appropriate to blame the education system here? Somewhere yes, but not completely. This is not about the quality of education, but the
ignorance towards teaching students skills of professionalism and industrial focus.

Linked-In: A form of hope.?

LinkedIn is a great social networking site that has millions of users and is accessible in two
hundred countries and territories around the world. This networking site is useful in
providing job opportunities. Millions of users sign in, with the hope of getting a job. The
signing up process, that is creating a profile is itself a skill. The most important element is
authenticity or being real. The resume should be about who and what you really are.
Branding also plays a major role, in simple words, you have to sell yourself to the
recruiters. Members with good quality and professional pictures are more likely to get
noticed. Skills play a major role in any profession, education qualifications will not be
as effective in absence of required skills. Make sure to include all your skills and important
achievements (if any). As mentioned above, it’s all about selling yourself, for this, along with authenticity, uniqueness plays a major role.

LinkedIn: Job Search, Business News and Networking

The recruiters go through a number of profiles, the profile that is eye-catching at the same
time authentic is likely to get a positive response. Other than that, it’s also important
how you represent yourself on other social media platforms other than LinkedIn.
Facebook is the second highest visited platform among the recruiters. Chances may
get a little higher or possibilities of a good impression if the recruiters find other social media platforms of yours appealing. LinkedIn has provided a stable job to a number of
people, Surojit Mahato, a digital marketing trainer shares his personal tips and tricks that
helped him in the initial days of his career. Recruiters still send him job offers even when
he is not in search of one. Surojit started using LinkedIn in 2014, he had no idea that he
can directly connect with the CEOs, HR’s, and managers of the company. It was in the year
2016 when he decided to switch his career and wanted to talk to the professionals.
Mahato had no clue how this platform will be helpful, but one day while scrolling on LinkedIn he read a post that said

“LinkedIn is probably the only platform where you can connect with the CEO, Manager, and HR of a company, and send a direct message.

If you construct your message intelligently, you will get a response.

If you want to grow in your career/business spend more time on LinkedIn than Facebook.”

He found this appealing, in fact, he decided to create a template message and send it to fifty people. Surprisingly, three out of five people wrote back and answered all his questions. This particular information was life-changing and is a great way of building a network. LinkedIn is a powerful tool, but one has to be consistent as this process is not a cakewalk, it’s all about consistency and the right amount of dedication.

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

Step 1 -Complete Your LinkedIn Profile & fill up all the necessary details required

Step 2 – Try to connect and contact other LinkedIn users & companies HR and make at least 500+ connections on the LinkedIn

Step 3 – Use Different LinkedIn Groups & earn the badge on the LinkedIn Skill assessment Test

Step 4-Make a Creative & engaging CV/Resume & upload it on LinkedIn

Step 5 – Find new hiring companies & opportunities & apply there with the Easy Apply feature of Linked-in with your attractive CV/Resume.

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Article By: Anshika Barai ( Youth Writer )

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