It is the most hopeful place for surprises. We all are lonely in some part of our day. But this
place holds expectations for few, for others stories to carry in their heads as memories.
On the contrary, there are no couples here. I could never identify the reason behind this. But
people who come over here have had altogether different lives, mostly old aged and middle-aged people. These people have had good and bad relationships in past. That woman in a
floral green dress lost her husband in a war, but she only reminisces about it. The uncle
with a stick lost his wife because of cancer. The people here have their own vulnerabilities
but try to remain happy listening to each other’s stories, some referring to their old
experiences of their lives and some situations faced that they weren’t prepared for.
How unbelievable it is, how people can come close because of their vulnerabilities and they
don’t even realize what kind of bond they have formed. Such bonds could be made for
a lifetime.

In a similar way, this ‘Bondlive’café has its own story. This café is near Kasturba Road. It
came into existence in 1995. At that time, it only had a chair, table and coffee. People were
really fond of the coffee, that was the only reason they came over to this place. Like every
human, places also have their destiny predecided. Indeed, this place wasn’t big enough, had
rare items on its menu yet because of coffee it didn’t take much time for this place to
grow. As we say love serves love, so is the case with this café Ms. Rosa was in service with
compassion, she had honesty towards her customers and dedication towards the café .

The Cafe

People came here for solitude, for the tranquility and slowly, the interactions between
humans happened. The place now didn’t only serve coffee but each day there was a bond
formed here. People really liked coming to the café because it didn’t only serve coffee but
also gave a confirmation that people still care, there is humanity on this planet. This café
proved that humanity didn’t suffer an end, more chapters are still there to this.

One fine day, while uncle George was sitting and reading a novel, a woman came there and
asked if she could have a seat. He contentedly welcomed her. She introduced herself as
Mona. Mona saw him reading Sidney Sheldon and started talking about the writer. They kept talking and discovered that two hours passed away. They were both so delighted that they met each other and their bond grew. They both retired and planned to open a federation for old-aged people. That federation included a number of activities ranging from music, poetry to physical exercises.

One fine day a girl came to the café. She was carrying a diary and a pen along. Her eyes had
a spark and were full of enthusiasm. It felt like she just started with something. The girl
asked ‘’Do any kinds of events happen here?

The owner of the café refused. All her hopes suffered a dead end. It was all dark, she thought it could be a chance for her but unfortunately, she failed. She was filled with despair. But she could find her own way. She came back to the café after a while. This time she came with a lot of dedication. The owner of the café was Paul; Paul Matthew. She tried to convince Paul for having events over here. That will not just benefit me but you as well; the people at the café would increase. Paul got convinced and considered it as an opportunity to get more prominent.

She started acquainting people about the poetry events going to be held at the café. She
disturbed pamphlets made announcements on the radio. After so many efforts she
expected people to be there. On one side she was eagerly waiting for a response, on the
other side she felt scared; what if nobody turns up? She tried to put it on her socials so
that everybody becomes aware of the event.

Now she was expecting people to show up. As time was passing by, her nervousness kept
increasing, every moment she kept wondering how the next moment would be.

The event was scheduled for 6 in the evening, It was 5:30 already and nobody turned up. Every arrangement was made for the show but now she was becoming clueless second by second. All her hopes were hanging on a cliff.

At 6:20 people started showing up. Now her hopes went up and she felt as she was close to
her desires being fulfilled. At the same time, she was nervous what if she couldn’t give her best ?

She started her recitation :

This is the story of racism, today is freedom day. Freedom Day is celebrated annually on the 27th of April in honor of the auspicious day in 1994 when the first non-racial election was held in South Africa. Before that blacks had a terrible life and Nelson Mandela fought for it.

This poetry is on racism.


We all are born from our mother’s womb

Either dark or fair
Will humanity prevail or suffer a dead end?
The question is no more about prevalence but now it is about the manner of
It’s highly said ‘Every beginning has an end but where is the end ‘?
It is far or near ,has it arrived or still one has to wait ?
The lady was refused the seat
The child was denied from a necessity called education
The man got refused his salary
The girl was denied from marrying the right one
The poor lost respect,the young lost love
The lady is waiting for respect
The child is willing acceptance
The man waits for gloomy days to turn into days of happiness
The girl is in hope of love
The poor wishes to display brotherhood
Education the child gets but has floor as chair
The rights remain on paper as part of constitution
Times changed but mentality possess same age
Victims resist but had to accept failure
Brotherhood lost essence
Humanity lost prevalence
Wars claimed the world
Soldiers were performers
Battle field ,the stage
Warriors ,the actors
Children and women ,the audience
Battle field is not marked with blood
But it has white and black heads as fossils
The young innocent mind hesistates
The girl is growing coward
The man wishes to speak
The lady seems to loose confidence
The poor seems threatened to death

Yet,aspiring for culmination of night darkest before the dawn
The aspiration of humanity is still alive
The loosen fraternity has to be brought back
Soldiers returning home shall be assured
Love and fraternity shall bind us ,for humanity to prevail
Something changes or it doesn’t ,the question has changed its form
How will apartheid meet its end ?

The poetry is really heart-touching and till the time poetry ended the people in the room
were heart-filled. The next day, the people in the café were new as compared to before and increased in number. More artists started approaching the café and soon the café was known around. The other events kept increasing due to time.

Written By : Bhavya Ahuja


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