2014…….. a year of the saga. A year full of people’s brains filled with the song “Acche Din Aane Wale Hain”. Oh yes. Let me tell you, that particular song or jingle, whatever you want to call, it was something which I kept humming. I don’t know why because it just caught the attention of the most useless nerve of my brain. Fast forward to the year 2021 Do I even need to describe this year? Well, I don’t think any words can. But I’m glad that I got to learn a lot of things. Coming to the point now, “polarisation of Indian Media”, where to start? What to say? When I did some research on this topic, my brain cells performed their last rites, not because I did not understand anything, because it’s so much information and you yourself will get a minor shock when you get to know how amazingly polarised the media is. I love the fact how they add Jihad to everything.

Jihad is probably the most favorite word of every news channel. Jihad this, Jihad that, and Jihad whatnot. Tell me one thing you peeps, what’s this new obsession with “Jihad”. Also, don’t be surprised, even today we have some smart people who think that Muslims in India have ISIS connections. Somewhere this is the impact of the media. “There is no difference between the language of Shah Rukh Khan and Hafiz Saeed”, one of the controversial statements made by the “Great Indian Name Changer”. Yes, even the “King” of Bollywood, so who are we? Well, I can go on and on talking about this. But most importantly, I realized that this small day-to-day ignorance comes together and creates a threat. Are we really interested to know what Deepika Padukone had for her breakfast? No doubt, she’s a talented actor, but in today’s time do you really think the breakfast plate of a celebrity needs that amount of attention? Why the same attention wasn’t given to that daughter whose father was killed for filing a case against sexual harassment of her daughter? Why was there no mental health conversation or talks about ways to prevent suicide, but a good amount of attention was given to “How a hungry for money girlfriend killed her boyfriend”. This was indeed a breeding ground of misogyny.

Godi Media and Media Vs Modia
Media Vs Modia

I just cannot stop worrying about the children who are in their developing stage and don’t have that level of understanding, this is the media that will shape their minds. I have people around me saying, I saw this in the news, I saw that in the news. And honestly, garbage comes out of their mouths whenever they describe it. They question me a lot because I don’t watch their level of media and they think that I’m not capable of any debates with them, but keeping quiet is a personal choice for my peace and your facial structure because people yelling when they can’t think of a sensible reply ignites me and I would definitely throw something on them or maybe apply the Mahua Moitra strategy (remember Arnab). Let’s be genuine, some people deserve that golden strategy, not that I promote it though. They say that it’s 2021 and Hindu and Muslims are equal. There is no discrimination.

Oh really? Open your eyes and look around a bit. A Hindutva terrorist spends less than 48 hours after beating up a Muslim boy for drinking water from a temple. My favorite comedian spent more than a month in jail for nothing, guess what, he is a Muslim. I mean what to say. All this is nothing but just a mental defect. Yes, a small defect in mentality is chaotic and threatening. Millions of people watch this mentality and absorb the same. This is indeed scary. Imagine the tomorrow of this nation. How problematic this will be if this continues. It’s scary when I think about my future. How will I be viewed, as a woman or a lower caste half North Indian and lower caste Half South Indian or both? Will this be my only worth? Will someone beat me up brutally because I have inter (lower) caste parents? Or will I be attacked if I choose to Marry into another religion or sex? Will they arrest me for not keeping my eyes closed and encouraging people to support the reality? I don’t know. Maybe, whatever happens, we will see. The intention here is not to play any blame game. But you are to be blamed if you follow their footsteps and paint yourself saffron.

They have already stolen the beautiful saffron color from the tricolor, at least you don’t do that. Don’t drown yourself in their saffron, instead swim inside the tricolor saffron, that saffron indicates strength and courage for the country. Choose your saffron and media wisely. I would also take this moment and appreciate some of the news sources that only promote the truth. Because of them, I am able to write this article with full confidence and courage. I hope that soon, one day when I read this article I get a feeling of “Yes……. we did it, no more Godi Media” I hope that one day the saffron of my tricolor no longer feels ashamed of that ugly saffron variant. We have a long way to go. All we need is a vision that opens our eyes. All we need is some humanity as well. One day will be a day when nobody will be scared to speak the truth. Nobody will have to spend months in jail just because they support the truth. Again, choose your media and saffron wisely.

This article was about the Indian Journalism current scenario, the polarization of Indian Journalist & Godi Media.

Article By: Anshika Barai ( Youth Writer )

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  1. All I can say is yes, your absolutely right. This will definitely contribute as an eye opener for the public. I hope this article reaches out to everyone. Thank you for this amazing article, you have my respect, Anshika.

  2. I just have one thing to say if India had more people like you then it would have progressed so muchhhh.
    India needs more people like you.
    HATS OFF!!!!


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