This year, India’s biggest virtual film festival, Malhaar’s, returns for its second edition. The platform presents the work of professional and amateur filmmakers, representing their feelings, experiences, interpretations, and living imaginations to a wide audience of viewers. Through the Malhaar film festival organised by Match My [Talent], the Malhaar Film festival aims to build connections between strangers and find new perspectives through their stories.  

“After a grand success of the first edition, this year too, Malhaar film festival is all set to give a
platform for filmmakers to show their magic with their movie on themes such as education,
migration, gender, mental health and passion,” said Sonia Swaroop Choksi, Festival Director
who is also Co-Founder and CEO of Match My [Talent].

The film festival gained immense popularity and a warm response from all filmmakers attending it, including vehement support from some of the biggest names of Indian cinema such as Adil Husain, Rajit Kapoor, Neeraj Kabi, Ajayan Vincent and Gautam Vaze. Several participants in the past have expressed that the Malhaar Virtual Film Festival fosters a window of global vernacular cinema, cinema that is vernacular in its concept, and approach, and communication, as well as the minute details of its presentation, yet universally relevant, relatable, and memorable.

Malhaar global film festival is a democratic space for budding cinematographers and filmmakers to spread their wings, create narratives that connect, and get feedback for their future. Also, Malhaar gives a holistic platform for professional filmmakers to reach the right audience.

The vision of the Malhaar film festival this year is to reach out far and wide to capture the
regional essence of cinema. True to this objective, the festival is encouraging regional
filmmakers and content creators to come forward and submit films in their local language.

Malhaar Film Festival 2nd Edition recently kicked off a special pre-fest event for aspiring
Filmmakers and/or film students, or even for any filmmaker who likes a good challenge- The
360-Hour Film Making Project. True to its unique name, this event challenged creators to create
a short film within 360 hours and submit it for the main festival. The film that they submit should
incorporate some keywords provided by the festival committee in various measures.

As of 1st April, the 360-Hour Filmmaking Challenge has officially begun, with over 100 regional,
local and international filmmakers participating in it. The challenge will come to a close on April
15th (360 hours since April 1st), at the end of which participants will submit their finished film.
Winners of the challenge will be honoured during the main festival in July and August.

The film festival will go live on 9 July 2022 and continue until 16 July 2022. This platform will
offer the filmmakers to have conversations and feedback on their Indian short films from a truly
global narrative in any Indian language like Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc. Winners will
be awarded awards in various categories such as The Best Indian Short Film, The Best
International Short Film, Best Short Film Under 20 Minutes, etc. Malhaar Virtual Film Festival
has also announced that it will be using blockchain-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to
provide ownership and monetization of creative content to artists and creators
The last date for submitting the entries is 30 April 2022.

All other information regarding the competition is listed on their website,


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