Air Pollution in Delhi – Delhi AQI Remains ‘Very Poor’

Delhi is the capital of India. Fulfill with all the resources but become the worst city and capital by the air pollution. This pollution becomes hazardous for the living. The major cause of air pollution is automobile (vehicles use petrol or diesel as fuel) smoke. In simple words car, bike, truck and etc use petrol and diesel as fuel which is responsible for air pollution. Remember that. C.N.G(Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles also cause air pollution but in small amounts.

Another one is Factory gases. Air pollution in Delhi is also responsible for spreading various diseases such as Respiratory diseases and Asthama. The reason behind these problems is smoke. Factories release poisonous gases and toxic materials. When all of these combine it becomes dangerous to breathe and cause various respiratory problems.

During the lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic. Vehicle and Factory were shut down by which some amount of air pollution decreases in Delhi.

Air Pollution in Delhi | Today Delhi AQI
Air Pollution in Delhi

Source of Air Pollution:

1. Vehicular Air Pollution.

Vehicles pollute the air when fuel is burned, either the sulfur or the nitrogen in the fuel get released and then mixed up with oxygen in the air results in the formation of NO2, SO2 which makes the Air polluted.
The main cause of vehicular pollution is the rapidly growing number of vehicles.

2. Factory wastes.

Industrial factories are major contributors to air pollution. The number of toxic gases that factories generate is directly released into the air which gives huge damage to health and the environment. Due to the toxic and dangerous materials that factories release into the air. Not only is our planet affected but our health is affected as well.

Such as Respiratory and breathing problems.

3. Burning of Garbage and waste.

Garbage can create air pollution due to gasses and chemicals evaporating from the burning waste. When the garbage is burned out it produces gasses which is harmful to our health and environment.

For example plastic is the garbage as well as waste, when plastic is burned, a high amount of CO2 is released and pollutes the air.

4. Construction and Demolition.

During the clean air act. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) registered. The highest number of air pollution complaints in the Delhi NCR construction pollution and demolition activities. With the rise of population in the city. Construction and demolition are a part of the ever-going development phase of the national capital. Several construction sites and raw materials such as bricks and concrete cause haze and foul air. Which is hazardous for people especially, children and elder citizens.

How Air pollution can be control:

  1. Use of fuel efficiency vehicles.

All the people across the country should be used fuel-efficient vehicles so that which environment can be clean. The best alternative for fuel-efficient cars is an electric car which uses the battery as the source.

2. Try to Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.

Recycling and Reusing are the best way to decrease pollution not only air pollution but other pollution too. All the waste materials that can be used again and again should be recycled by which pollution can be decreased.

3. Avoid using the vehicle for a short distance.

People should avoid the use of vehicles for shorter distances. Rather, they should prefer public modes of transport or simply walking to travel from one place to another.

my opinion: Every state government should start a scheme in which Government can provide AloeVera Plant to each and every citizen. Aloe vera is not only a medicinal herb but also purifies the air and gives oxygen.

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written by: Anup Bisht


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